Hope & Healing...

October 24, 2019

There truly are no words to express how thankful and blessed we are for our reading yesterday. This was our second reading and I can say 100%, without hesitation, that you are the real deal! To say we were thrilled with both readings is an understatement. Your gift to channel our loved ones is inspiring. You presented their personalities so well. Even though I was eager to over validate the information (🙋‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️), your ability to keep control of the reading was on point. I think for the first time in a very long time, you have given my sister hope. The fact that she truly opened up to you was amazing. But that was just you being you. That’s what puts you on a greater level. Looking forward to the next reading.

- Mary, NJ


October 8, 2019

You did a reading for myself, my Mom and my brother not long after my Dad passed away. My brother was very skeptical for about 2 minutes. The information you gave us is something no one could have known or even researched. You never lead us by asking questions to get information. This was a major part in our grieving process. It brought closure and gave us peace during a difficult time. We were blessed to have found you Drew. Thank you for sharing your gift.

- Vickie C., NY

Shocking Details...

September 15, 2019

I am so grateful and unbelievably shocked by the details you were able to get for my mom, my brother and my father. I felt their presence in the room, you got their names, and names of others that died and were with them, my brothers green eyes and their personalities. The fact that you said my mom sang professionally and could be extremely difficult at times especially after she lost a small restaurant she owned; that my father was in the Merchant Marines and had lost our home when i was a kid due to his addiction to gambling was jaw dropping. The love and forgiveness and not to mention the powerful insight about our living family... I mean my brother taking his life is so heavy on our family and his kids but you changed our world and gave us peace and comfort where certainly no one else could. I couldn't ever thank you enough. Thank you for being so down to earth and real! I am spreading the word :--)

- Melanie H., NJ

Chance To Say Goodbye

August 3, 2019

Your reading changed my life. I feel like we gave my husband John a chance to say good bye and to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you! Words cannot express my gratitude. I can finally sleep at night!

- Blanch R., NJ

From a skeptical guy

July 23, 2019

My understanding of life is much fuller.  I was so impressed with you how genuine and approachable you are.  Yesterday was my first medium experience and I am grateful it was you who introduced me to the other side. Thanks again and keep spreading the light.

- Anthony, N.Y.

Spirit Messages Group Gallery - Been 2 times

July 15, 2019

Been 2 times . I was read he is amazing and the reading was emotional yet Drew's humor ended it on a lighter note. Going again with my best friend hoping I can be there in case she might get this Gift💞

- Michele L., NY

Real Deal...

July 1, 2019

Thank Goodness we found Drew!! Our lives have been changed forever and I feel so blessed to have been able to connect with my loved ones through him. He was so easy going and we just knew he was the real deal right away! The details, names and things no one else could know. Amazing!!

- Karla, NJ

we are so lucky

May 19, 2019

I think we are so lucky to have found you. My reading with you brought me complete peacefulness in losing a loved one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Patti, N.J.

thank you from the bottom of my heart

April 26, 2019

Hey!! So I just attended your event at RDHS- and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️.  You connected with my best friend Kelly who was killed in a drunk driving accident the day after Xmas. You literally blew my mind- but gave me such peace. She was (and still is) my person. I talk to her every single day, and she has been working hard since the day she died—- keeping me alive. You know that expression that my guardian angel must drink?? Well I’m sure she does😁. Anyway- Thanks. Be well, and keep doing the amazing shit you do, because knowing that those we love are still here and having a party wherever it is they may be... is everything.


- Sheila, NJ


March 19, 2019

Meeting with Drew Cali has been a blessing. My best friend Sara had past away from a drug overdose. Her coming thru has brought people overwhelmed with this addiction closer to their Higher Power in belief there is one. For this I am eternally grateful.


- Kristen E., PA

lost their son

March 19, 2019

I referred two people to you who had lost their son and I cannot express to you how much comfort you provided them with this reading.  You are a gift to so many people.  Thank you, thank you for sharing what you do and for being who you are. Please keep doing what you do in the healing way you do it - its amazing!  Elizabeth :--)

- Elizabeth K., NJ

message from the afterlife!

February 21, 2019

Thank you so much for the session, I am so thankful for the information that I received. I also want to thank you for helping me see that my gifts need to grow. I have always known the feelings I get mean something and am so excited to learn more about them.  I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason and learning how to use these gifts will help me be who I really am. Thank you again, you are truly a blessing!! And I am certain my parents led me to you, just as they found my divorce attorney, Carmen, to give me a message from the afterlife!


- Jeanne M., NJ

Eye-Opening Day

February 5, 2019

The February 2nd workshop was my first time witnessing a medium live and in person. It was amazing and the first connection you had with the woman whose boyfriend had committed suicide twenty years ago had me crying for her. You are blessed to have such an amazing gift. Thank you for an eye-opening day.

- Heather A., VT

Group Reading... Spot On ~

January 16, 2019

Its great that you are offering Blended Sessions at a discount! I would drive to NJ for that even-though I’m in Saratoga Springs! Our Private Group Reading with Drew in 2017 was so SPOT ON for each and every one of us and we were a group of 4 - Would love to see him again - hoping he will be back here soon ?

- Diane C., NY

You were right!

December 11, 2018

A while back we had a reading with you and you mentioned that you were aware my brother had signet ring and went on to say you saw a ring with a red stone in the center.  We were not aware and never knew, saw or heard anything about this ring, but I recently spoke with my sister-in-law since this was her husband you had connected with and asked her about it. YOU WERE RIGHT. You even described the box itself on the dresser. She sent me this picture of his signet ring with a red stone in the center.  It was his HS class ring!  This blew her away as she is very skeptical by trade (she was an assistant DA before retiring), and this ring was NOT common knowledge. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and validating that Mike's spirit is in fact alive and well and among us. 

- Maureen L., N.J.

I was just in shock!

November 27, 2018

I can't thank you enough for such an amazing gift you gave me. I've always believed in spirit, but now that you were able to actually speak with my brother Michael, my father (when you mentioned the handmade wooden chess board) and my mother (coming through more as a friend than a mother figure) - I am truly blessed. You've changed my life. Thank you so much, you're amazing! xo

- Rebecca V., N.Y.

Free Again

November 16, 2018

Hard to put into words the incredible healing, truth and guidance I received from Drew’s reading and subsequent healing session. I came to Drew lost and stuck in a pain from the loss of loved ones, that I just couldn’t shake. Not sure how he cracked the code (of a buried heart and soul) but he did. He unlocked something inside that I was clinging to, and freed me from the recycled emotional pain. Without a doubt, he validated that my loved ones are helping me, cheering me on. He jump-started the healing process for me, and I am free again and forever grateful. Thank you, Drew.


- Sandy, N.J.

The Weight Was Lifted

October 16, 2018

I have had many readings and you had said things that no one could possible know! When I left you I drove home in silence and felt like a weight was lifted!  

- Thea W. B. - NY

Thank You

October 12, 2018

The only way I can describe what you do for people is that it’s literally like someone handed you a gift that no one could give you. Thank you for doing what you are meant to do! 

- Alison D. ,NY

Great Integrity...

September 29, 2018

Drew has a power and a connection with the spirit world that is rare. He works with great integrity from the heart and his ability is not only to connect with your loved ones in spirit but to bring healing for body mind and soul for all his soul touches ...  As a fellow medium I respect his work greatly and know that all who experience his presence will benefit greatly.


- Clair Merryweather.. Psychic , Medium and Spiritual Healer - Rugby, England

Thank You!

September 21, 2018
Drew - Thank you for the incredible reading.  It was truly an amazing experience. I left with such peace and reassurance that my family members that have passed are truly always with me.  I still can't believe the things that you knew that truly nobody could have ever known.  It was such a pleasure to meet you. You were so welcoming and really made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. Your reading really brought joy and reassurance to my entire family. And lastly, you were right, I am having a healthy baby girl!
- Allison A., NJ

Love Never Dies

September 7, 2018

Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. To connect with my daughter was such a blessing. Your compassion as well as your sense of humor helped put me at ease. While I don’t think my grief will ever totally be gone, I take comfort that she is in good hands and the bond of love cannot be broken.

- Lisa C., NJ

A Big Thank You!

August 27, 2018
A big thank you to Drew! I have major things going on in my life and certain things he said are not known by anyone. Please tell him thank you and God Bless. Also, my husband was amazed! I will set-up a reading again as soon as I can. Thank you, again.
- Barbara S., NJ

A Wonderful Guided Meditation

August 19, 2018

Hi! Thank you for a truly wonderful meditation session this morning my husband and I got so much out of this! My husband is extremely excited to attend more (which is amazing!) he really needs this in his life. He hasn’t had the easiest of lives and told me he got more out of today than when he sees his therapist! Thank you once again!

- Rachel A., NJ

Healing Sessions

July 30, 2018

I first went to Drew several months ago for a blended session. I was feeling energetically stuck and blocked and I wasn't sure why or how to get passed it. The session left me feeling much lighter and more clear. I ended up going back to Drew for a few additional reiki healing sessions as I felt there were still things I could use assistance working through. Each session brought a different experience, but all brought on positive energy shifts for me. After working with Drew over the last few months, I feel that I am better connected to my inner guide and intuition. I am more aligned and trusting of the path I am on. I would recommend going to Drew for not just someone who is looking for a medium experience, but to anyone who is feeling "stuck" or in a rut. He truly helped bring me out of the negativity I was experiencing.

- J.S., NJ

Amazing Connection

July 19, 2018
I was recently at your event at Bin 41 & it was amazing. You connected with my Mother in law & Grandmother. Also reminded me I have a gift & need to use it!!
- M.F., NJ

Guided Meditation

June 22, 2018
I recently, attended my 1st Guided Meditation. It was very enjoyable. I got a kick out of Drew and his down to earth approach. Will definitely attend other events with Drew and Allison. Thanks!
- Donna S., NY


May 22, 2018
Drew was amazing, patient, and kind. After our session he spoke with me personally about how the session was a validation that my husband was near, and I found it 100% true. Going through the grieving process is indescribably difficult, but my session with Drew gave me peace. He described my relationship with my husband better than I could and knew details only we shared. It solidified my belief that my husband will always be here, next to me. Thank you Drew.
- Nadine K., CA

Huge Weight Lifted

May 2, 2018
I had a reiki session and reading with Drew.  The reading lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders thanks to the connection made.  I feel so much more able to move forward doing what I knew I had to do to be at peace.  I will be back for sure!
- Denise D., NY

Wonderful Session

April 30, 2018
Drew, Just wanted  to tell you my session was wonderful! I thank you; it brought such closure to me. So enjoyed meeting you and I will surely be back!
- Sue M., NY

Amazing Private Group!

April 27, 2018
Drew was amazing!!! He showed someone who was very skeptical of people like him what it is they do. She was very intrigued and happy to see how Drew does what he does. His ability is something many people pretend to have.  After Drew left, she hugged me and said the tears and emotion I showed shows her just how powerful he is and the impact he has in the message he delivers from passed loved ones.

Thank you to Allison for working with me in arranging this session. I hope Drew was comfortable and know it won't be the last time he sees many of the people he shared himself with tonight!!!!  Drew was able to relay a message to me that I have wanted and needed to hear. He may not have any idea but it changed things for me. I feel as a weight has been lifted off me!

- Venessa D., NY

Business Coaching Session...

March 8, 2018
I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to chat the other day. This reading was just what I needed! I've been feeling so anxious/overwhelmed with the business lately and I finally feel like I can take a step back and head towards the right path. I've already recommended you to a few of my small business friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Lindsay V., NY

Skeptics Into Believers

March 6, 2018
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift of mediumship in our private group reading. I have seen you twice now, once in a gallery setting, where you completely blew me away with the information relayed to a dear friend of mine then again in the private group reading. Everything you said was as if our departed loved ones were in the room speaking directly to us. You brought messages through that were deeply needed and I know your gift touched many of us that night and it was such a great experience that we will bring forward with us throughout our lifetime. You truly can turn skeptics into believers and I look forward to definitely seeing you again!
- Lauren G., NY

Blended Session...

February 22, 2018
Please let Drew know how much I appreciate his time and caring. After visiting with Drew for a Blended Session I have been so much more grounded, aware and at peace. His unique gifts made it easy to go confidently forward trusting in myself and my life choices. I am growing in the most positive ways as I recall the messages Drew shared with me. He is truly blessed and a blessing to those seeking guidance and healing. I am looking forward to my next session. Thank you again Drew!
- Lauren M., NY

He is the real deal...

January 26, 2018
Please let Drew know that I really appreciated his time. The session had such a profound positive impact on my healing of my father's death! There is no doubt in my mind mediumship is real when taken serious and respected like Drew does. He is the real deal and I am so thankful, it was an extremely validating, enjoyable and satisfying experience! He truly has a gift! Lastly, some of the things I wasn't sure about that were said I was able to figure out with my mom and wife's help! :)
- Zack P., NY

Thank you!

January 21, 2018
Drew, I just want to thank you again for our session today. You always do an amazing job, and again hit on what is really needed. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Gods blessings on your transition! I look forward to seeing you again.
- Lori L., NY

An Amazing Experience...

January 20, 2018

I met Drew for a reading hoping to hear from my boyfriend that I lost suddenly about 6 months earlier. I was devastated and having a very difficult time. Drew's reading gave me so much of what I needed. He was so specific and said things no one would know. It was incredible. I walked away feeling so comforted finally. I'm happy knowing that our loved ones are still with us. I always believed that but hearing such specific information made me that much more of a believer. Thank you Drew. You ARE the best!

- Rebecca F., NY


December 29, 2017
Drew was (is) amazing! After sharing the recording from yesterday's reading, I now know the "older man" was my grandfather. Drew kept saying his heart hurts or maybe his lungs. Talking to my mom, he died from lung cancer, but had a mass near his heart that caused him much pain. I know he was there with me yesterday, but also feel terrible I couldn't piece the pieces of the puzzle together. A lot of what he said about my ex-boyfriend who passed from suicide put me a little more at ease. I know I'll never fully heal, but it was nice to know he's okay and wants me to stop blaming myself. Thank you again so much! Money is tight now, but this was a Christmas gift from me, and was definitely worth every single penny.
- Cassandra B., NY

Mediumship Class...

December 7, 2017
Hi Allison, I want to thank you and Drew so much for the wonderful Beginner’s Mediumship class you guys put on for us. It beyond, exceeded my expectations. I learned so much, never in a million years would I have thought I would be able to read for someone even to the little extent I was able to. There is no way I would have ever even attempted to do that without the encouragement instruction and help from Drew and you. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making the class so amazing! And for the smaller class size, I felt like that made it less intimidating especially for someone's first time doing this. What a nice group of people! So welcoming, encouraging, and friendly. Drew was so charismatic and so informative and you guys had such great activities planned that the time flew by! I hope to take another class with you guys! Thanks for everything.
- Kim S., NY

The Butterfly Series

November 21, 2017
Drew – Thank you for a wonderful lesson in intuition and the gift of Spirit. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to attend The Butterfly Series. I appreciate all your guidance, constructive criticism, and effort. I’ve learned and unlearned a great deal. Looking forward to future workshops with you. Thank you for your generous heart and Spirit.
- Lisa P., Syracuse, NY

Reiki & Intuition Workshops

November 20, 2017
Drew & Allison - I want to thank you for your sharing your gifts during the Reiki I & II Training & Certification weekend. I feel very blessed to have been drawn to this experience, as well as The Butterfly Series. These courses have opened up a path that I was meant to follow. Looking forward to working more with you on this path to healing!
- Joanne H., NY

both times were 100% on

October 24, 2017
I wanted to send Drew a thank you for that impromptu medium reading! I felt Very lucky that day and really wanted to let Drew know how much I appreciated the messages he was willing to share with me ~ can’t even put into words the blessing it is every time.  And yes ~ I did afterwards remember who Earl was and yes he had died young ~ 50’s of a heart condition. This was actually the second time you had connected with my family members ~ and both times were 100% on.
- Susan G., NY

Truly Amazing

October 3, 2017
I came to see you early June with 3 friends- and it was truly amazing - the spot on messages I received - you are so very gifted.
- Diane C., NY

I was kinda blown away

October 2, 2017
This was my first medium experience in person... I was kinda blown away. It was awesome to witness. Emotional. Very affirming. I also appreciated the meditation at the beginning and the closing as well. It felt like it "contained" the evening. Thank you. So happy you are so close!
- Ginny S., NY

Reiki I & II Training

August 18, 2017

Drew's Reiki I and II training far exceeded my expectations.  The training was well organized and the weekend flowed well.  The content was the appropriate mix of practical and historical knowledge balanced with hands on, experiential activities. Drew's presence as a  healer is strong.  That combined with an easy style and a sense of humor, created a safe energetic space for all of us to explore the power of Reiki. We had many opportunities to experience the different ways energy works within others and ourselves. After the training, I have appreciated Drew's ongoing support to the various questions I've had about my Reiki practice.

- Ryan M., VT

Thank You

July 31, 2017
THANK YOU for your group reading at my house on 7/14.   You were amazing and everyone there agreed!  The detail, the emotion, the humor that you bring to a room is wonderful.  The ladies you spent a lot of time on were amazed at how much you channeled for them.  Cathy (her mom and dad came through) was so happy and relieved.  She woke up the next morning and had a butterfly sitting at her front door when she went outside.  She said the "butterfly" was the only part of the reading she didn't understand but now it made sense. I knew you were legit and I'm happy I proved it to my friends! You are wonderful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Livia, NJ

A Wonderful Afternoon with Friends & Family

July 16, 2017
I just want to thank you for a wonderful afternoon/evening. You had a strong mix in the room of skeptics and "believers." After you left the evening became one of a lot of wonderful conversation, tears, laughter and truly deep gratitude. After we dispersed I received texts and phone calls into the night and again in the morning. Two of my friends in particular felt a catharsis that they had always hoped for and finally received.
- Lis Traphagen, NJ

A Gift

July 7, 2017
Drew, You gave me a gift on the afternoon of the Fourth of July. I can not express the appreciation I have of your kindness. Your gift has given me a peace of mind - a touch of serenity...my husband is ok, maybe even at peace. Thank you from the bottom of my soul.
- M.J., NY

Meant the World to Me

June 10, 2017
I was at the private group session last night and I just want to thank you. It was so wonderful to hear from my mom, dad and grandma! I know they are with me always, but having you confirm that fact meant the world to me. Thank you again!
- Pat D., NY

Filled My Heart with Peace

June 10, 2017

Thank you!! We all had a very good session with Drew. He was able to fill my heart with peace. Love him!!?

- Denise F., NY

Memorable Evening

June 9, 2017
I was part of the group of ladies you were with tonight... you immediately connected with my grandmother, then grandfather, (the ones buried under the apple trees). As I've had a little bit of time to reflect, I just see more and more of the things were were saying "clicking" and I'm seeing more connections than I did in the moment. I just wanted to tell you I think you are amazing and love the passion you shared for what you are able to bring to us. Thank you again for such a memorable evening!
- Kelly D., NY

I am super grateful

May 5, 2017
Just simply wanted to reach out and thank you for the reading I received today. It was a blessing. I was the young woman with my boyfriend. You channeled my cousin who passed in a freak car accident and you hit the nail right on the head with just about everything. You got the names all right. You also channeled Catherine, our grandma and I received an amazing message through you, and her, that moving is a good thing. Again I am super grateful for today and appreciate what you do. Wish you the best, thanks again.
- Kelly B., NJ

Thank you...

May 3, 2017
I didn't get a chance to speak with you after experiencing your mediumship at Flow Yoga yesterday, but I wanted to thank you for making this a very meaningful and fascinating first-time experience for me. Your insight resonated with me in several ways that I didn't realize until after the session, and it was wonderful to share in the revelations with other attendees. Thank you again for sharing your gift of spiritual connectivity and clairvoyance, and an additional thank you for your service in the military.
- Georgette, NJ

Amazing Gentleman

April 22, 2017
Amazing gentlemen - went today 4/22/2017 - not that I don't believe, but always on guard. He was spot on. Thank you!
- Nancy M., NY

Peace & Life Lessons...

April 18, 2017
My Session with Drew was an incredible experience. Without any prompting, Drew brought my father’s message out in such a clear way that it was very real, and my strong emotional response told me I really DID need to hear it. It was like having a weight lifted that has been there for more than 30 years, and I had carried it for so long I didn’t even think it was with me anymore. My sister’s message to me also gave me insight and comfort as well, as I always felt I could have done more for her. Drew is gentle and kind, and I felt so much compassion from him during the session, it’s like we went on a journey together. I would not hesitate to do another session with him, and without question, he has a precious gift.    
- Jessica, NY

Sacred Space

February 14, 2017

The recent tragic loss of a family member prompted me to have a Spirit session with Drew. During the session I received a message that brought tears to my eyes because it related to a special memory that only my loved one would have known. In the midst of my profound sadness, this reading provided comfort and reassurance.

The experience inspired me to schedule a Reiki session with Drew and then several more. These sessions have allowed me to process my grief in a most remarkable way through the messages I receive and the healing energy, encouragement and understanding that Drew gives so generously. Drew has also provided great insight into my spiritual and physical health questions and challenges. These sessions have been rejuvenating, inspirational and healing...a truly sacred space of time ‎that helps me move forward in a positive way. I am so thankful to have found Drew and highly recommend his services to anyone who is seeking.

- M.R., NY

My friend's dad, henry

February 13, 2017
You mentioned how sometimes people will email you after a reading and say hey I think a message was for me. Well I will be that person this time.  You see I have a friend whose father just passed and I was trying to get him to come with me today but I think he was skeptical and passed on my invitation.  However during one of your readings you connected with a man named Henry a dad.   At first no one in the room connected with you so I began to write down everything you said because my friend's dad name was Henry. Turns out when I came home and told him, everything I wrote he connected with.  His dad is laid to rest overlooking the Hudson River which you mentioned the Hudson River.  You said the letter L  Their last name is Le--. You talked of him sleeping at work and regretting it.  I found out today my friend's mom and dad had some marital issues at one point and he spent a few months sleeping in his Jewelry store back room.  The Iron Union, #47 and being a great business man also made sense to him.  There was more, but I just wanted to let you know it happened again.  And my friend, well I don't think he is so skeptic anymore, I kinda blew his mind.  So, thanks again Drew, this is the third time I saw you and once again you amazed me.  You have an amazing gift, God Bless you.
- Stacey B., NY

February Afternoon of Messages Event

February 12, 2017
Drew thank you for your message this afternoon. You captured my husbands message, personality, struggles, and love. I know he needed me to know and understand his message and for that I thank you.
- J.K., NJ

Reiki/Healing Sessions

February 11, 2017
Drew Cali is truly a gift from God. His kind and generous ways are just a small part of the wonderfully blessed healer he is. His kind and caring ways and words have been inspirational and an important part in opening me up to healing. God bless him!
- Estelle D., NY

in touch with spirit and the audience

January 24, 2017

I first met Drew at a Spirit Session in his Saratoga Office. To describe that experience as amazing is putting it mildly. I expected someone who basically just stood there, talked, gave a few readings and answered questions.  What I found was an incredibly sensitive person who was not only in touch with Spirit but also in touch with  the audience.  He brought you to a level that instilled comfort and confidence.

Since then, I have returned to Drew for several Meditation, Energy Healing, and Beginner Psychic-Medium classes.  With each experience I felt growth within.  Drew has been blessed with an undeniable talent that he graciously shares with others.

If you are looking to connect with a loved one or just looking to connect with yourself, I cannot recommend a session with Drew Cali highly enough.  Be it private or group, you will not be disappointed. In meeting Drew and his assistant Allison, I feel I have made friends I will never forget.  I wish the same rewarding experience for all those who have the good fortune to experience him.

- Martha, NY

Over The Top/Life Changing Experience

January 24, 2017
Last month, six of us had a group session with Drew. At first, we were all skeptical of the process and we were very nervous and scared. Drew explained the entire process and his calm demeanor put us all at ease. Within seconds he was able to connect to loved ones. All 6 of us were connected! He knew such personal things that were so accurate. The experience was unbelievable and very emotional. It was an afternoon we will never forget. We can hardly wait to book another session with the amazing Drew!!
- Heather G., NY

Learned so much!

January 23, 2017
The Beginner's Psychic-Medium class was an amazing class and we were all right where we needed to be.  I learned so much, thank you!
- Lynn M., NY

Energy Healing Class

January 22, 2017

I recently attended an energy healing exploration with Drew. It was an amazing experience for me! Drew has a calm nature about him and provided positive and encouraging guidance that allowed me to be comfortable and to also gain self confidence in myself with following the path of energy healing.  Drew is truly gifted in his work, he is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He is an honest and grounded guy that truly is using the gifts he has been given to encourage, help, and guide others. Thank you Drew!!!

- Amy, NY

Psychic-Medium Workshop

January 22, 2017
I know in my heart that I was led purposely to this class. I learned so much. I found complete acceptance for a part of me that I have tried to hide and push away for years. All my life I have felt odd, and it was so nice to be in a room full of people where I felt I didn't have to hide. Thank you for such an amazing and freeing day!
- J.G., NY

Spirit Session

January 9, 2017

We were cautious at first when we met Drew. Not sure what to expect. He was kind and explained the process of his reading. 

In no time he was able to connect with our loved one and tears of joy flowed. I cannot tell you how many times the hairs on my arms and chills ran down my spine as Drew spoke of my loved one who had passed. He was so accurate. We left feeling so loved and fulfilled. 

Drew is an awesome person who has pure talent. Don't think twice about booking with him. It was worth EVERY CENT!! Thank you Drew ❤️

- V.P., NY


December 7, 2016
I had 4 Reiki sessions with Drew and in one word it was - Amazing! Drew is very kind, warm, and giving person. While I was scheduled for Reiki he would always find time to talk to me and would give me answers and guidance I needed. I feel very privileged and grateful for the opportunity to meet Drew.
- J.S., NY

Thank You So Much!!

November 15, 2016
Thank you so much for the session today. This experience will sustain me for the rest of my days and am stronger because of it. For that I am truly grateful! God Bless YOU and your wonderful gift and your "spiritual-ness" and all you do to help people. PS: Russel is 16 months younger than me and we were exclusive for 2 years - ONLY a truly gifted person could possibly know that. This was more than I could have hoped and dreamed for.  Love & God Bless!
- Patricia K., NY

Amazing Group Session

October 9, 2016
My three closest friends and I had an amazing session with Drew.  Each one of us were able to connect with someone.  One friend in particular connected with her mother, who had past 15 years ago, as soon as the session started. The details and information Drew was able to provide was unbelievable!  I will definitely be booking another session with Drew in the future.
- Kate K., NY

Phone Session & My Mother

September 13, 2016
I have gone to Psychic's before, however; I am skeptical and never had someone connect with the Other Side. Drew began to reveal information that only me and my family would know. I was blown away by the accuracy. My mother came through; she had just recently passed and revealed not only the facts of her life but specifics of her personality along with her regrets about how she treated people. Knowing my mother, this aspect of the reading gave me confirmation that it was her.  This was astounding to me and left me with a sense of peace and wonderment!
- Toni B., IN

He made my day (by phone)

September 13, 2016
There’s someone here who’s quite loud he said. ‘Someone’s trying to connect with you. I’m feeling that it’s your mother.' I was surprised by how much information he had about my mother. He "knew" she died from a hernia operation and that the family was arguing about where her ashes should go. He said she wanted to be released into the ocean. He also knew she had been the “maverick,” of the family, holding it together. This was correct. And although she had opposed my desire to get a tattoo, she knew I had gone ahead with it, and approved. Additionally, she knew that I quit smoking and was proud... he made my day.
- Gwenn M., PA

My Grandmother

September 7, 2016
I had a reading with Drew and there were many precise details. He connected with my Grandmother, who died 8 years ago, and even knew the nickname she called me and my wedding date! WOW...
- Mandy M., PA

Huge Impact

August 9, 2016
Drew’s straightforward insight and direct, plainspoken words had a tremendous impact on me at a time when nothing less would’ve spurred me to take action to make some positive changes in my life. Knowing he was sharing with me what I needed to hear for my greatest good, and helping to instill in me a sense of confidence about my future, has proven invaluable. Thank you Drew!
- Kelley P., NY

A Wonderful Soul Session

August 1, 2016
My recent Soul Session with Drew was wonderful and profound experience – I was able to receive a little bit of everything.  I would love to do it again soon!
- Lucille B., NY

Careful & Precise Reading

July 26, 2016
When I sat down across from Drew, I felt like I was picking up a conversation that I had started with a lifelong friend. Most impressive was Drew's careful and precise reading after our reiki session. He truly connected with my soul and tuned in to my emotional state. Please spend time with Drew if you are ready for his message and can fearlessly embrace your own truth.
- Suzanne C., NY

amazing experience

July 20, 2016
Thank you Drew for offering and sharing your gift. It was truly amazing to be part of such a powerful, personal evening of soulful messages! I thank you for connecting with my loved ones that past and sharing their messages with me. I was a bit spacey/foggy because I was surprised that my mother in law came through. Of all people she was the least I expected. I did speak to my husband and he was able to offer some insight--she did very much own her kitchen- as you described. She actually ran the kitchen at a family deli they owned. And you had mentioned the month of March of importance and that was her birthday month. Also, you mentioned my connection to the name "Joe"... that was my grandfather along with the importance of "Tuesday"... which I now remember has to do with my upcoming interview. As I continue to reflect on the messages you shared it is all connecting for me.  It was just taking me a bit to process that evening. Truly an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing your gift!
- Vicki C., NY

...Soul Session

July 14, 2016

I recently experienced an extraordinarily helpful Soul Session with Drew.  Though I never doubted Drew’s skill as a medium, the fact that he was able to provide messages from my parents with information that he could not have otherwise known and that communicated their unique personalities, made the session even more important and special. 

Drew’s down to earth ability to relate, his genuine interest in being helpful and  his willingness to work together to discern how to apply the session’s messages  to my life made it possible for me to absorb the experience in a way that I know will be healing.

I was very glad I chose to experience a Soul Session because it included a Reiki treatment.  Drew is a very gifted Reiki healer; the treatment was comforting and freeing and full of discovery and wonder; I know it helped me move forward spiritually and I am very grateful for that.

I think Drew is the rare, powerful healer who has the ability to offer his gift with a kind of humanity, warmth and self-awareness that made me feel like I was figuring things out with a long time, trusted friend who could be counted on to enjoy the funny parts, share the hard parts and tell it like it is.

- Sue B., NY

Laughing and Crying

July 12, 2016
You have an amazing gift that you deliver with humor, sensitivity and responsibility.  You had us all laughing and crying.  You created connections with those that have passed, with each other, and with ourselves that we never would have expected.  I look forward to meeting again soon.  
- Stacey C., NJ

I Highly Recommend Drew

June 17, 2016
Drew Cali was recommended to me by a friend. I originally went for fun and to explore my own intuition. I was feeling run down from lack of sleep and going through something spiritually. My first appointment was for a Reiki Healing session. It was a unique, relaxing, refreshing experience.  Drew was very personable and made me feel totally comfortable.  I left with renewed memories of my two children growing up and a sense of feeling grounded and spiritually and energetically balanced. A month or so later I attended one of his Intimate Group Galleries for Spirit Messages. A loved one came through with such absolutes, they would make no sense if he shared the information with another attendee. There was no doubt in my mind this person was communicating with Drew. It was a very positive experience. I highly recommend Drew Cali for all of your medium - psychic - healing energy needs.
- Sara M., NY

couldn't have imagined

March 10, 2016
My reading with Drew was just mind blowing. I lost my mother and had been really struggling. He gave me the sense of peace I really needed. He was spot on and knew things that not even my best friend knew! He has given me something that I couldn't have even imagined. I can now find comfort in knowing that this isn't it! I felt like I spent an hour just hanging out with my mom. I want to go back already!!!    
- Brittany S., NY

he has an amazing gift

February 29, 2016
My two sisters and I had the most wonderful experience with Drew Cali - he has an amazing gift of communicating with loved ones that have passed. Both our Mom and Dad came through with messages for all of us, as well as other family members. I received the validation that I needed that night to believe. Drew is a beautiful person, both inside and out, and he gave my sisters and I the closure we so badly needed. Drew's warm, caring (and funny) personality gives you the feeling like you have known him your whole life! I'm recommending him to all my family and friends!  
- Kathleen

Charlie & Lucky Strikes

February 24, 2016
I attended a group  with Drew and my father-in-law came through. “Drew knew his name was Charlie, that he smoked Lucky Strikes and died of lung cancer.” He went on to say "You built your business brick by brick"... That was ALL absolutely true."
- MC, PA

Beyond my expectations.

February 11, 2016
I have recommended the "Soul Session" to many friends. It was profoundly healing, professional and beyond my expectations.
- Toni, NY

" You have reinforced my belief"

February 9, 2016
I want to start by saying," You have reinforced my belief". I was amazed by the experience i had during my session with you. I felt a connection of spirit and a healing of my soul. Its hard to explain, or put into words how i felt. It was very freeing for me though. I'm very interested in what my purpose is in this life. I want to know what God wants for me. I feel like i haven't got a clue what that might be, but i'm wanting to know. I was moved by your insight and questions regarding my brother that passed. It's funny, i totally did not expect that at all. I just wanted you to know how much i appreciated your time, your kindness and your help. I will most definitely make time for another session. I found it to be a profound experience i will always remember. Thank you Drew, Maria O.
- Maria O.

Words cannot express the gratitude

February 6, 2016
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart.  You are truly gifted and are an instrument in God's plan to help so many people in need of help and reassurance...I know God blessed me in abundance with our phone session and getting to connect with you, Drew.  You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you, Drew for helping me to connect and talk to two of the very people that I love and miss so very much.  Blessing to you, always....
- Darlene

Rediscovering My Inner Voice

December 24, 2015
"Immediately upon entering Drew's office I felt at ease and knew I had found exactly what my soul needed. I came to him during a time when I was looking for help to navigate through a painful experience; not only was he able to give me clear and comforting messages from loved ones who have passed, he has helped me rediscover my inner voice.  I know now that I am on the right path. He is honest and trustworthy and his empathy and integrity shine through in every meeting. I felt comfortable talking to him immediately. If you are looking to bring more peace and clarity to your life, I would highly recommend a reading or healing session with Drew. It is the best decision I have made for myself this year."
- Theresa, NY

Lives Changed

December 2, 2015
Seeing people’s lives changed because of Drew’s gift to connect with people who have passed on has confirmed my belief in life after death. He has brought peace to so many friends and family members.  I feel blessed to have met him!
- Maureen C., PA

Thank you so much

November 22, 2015
Drew,  Thank you so much for helping deal with the sudden and unexpected death of my mom . You not only contacted my mom and deceased family but you have give me the strength to get up and go to work tomorrow knowing that they are still here just in a different form watching and guiding us.  Thank you so much!! Deb
- Deb

Drew is “the guy next door”

November 6, 2015
I had a soul session with Drew at a time when I really needed the encouragement.  I had several relatives communicate with me through Drew and offer me support, love and peace of mind.  I was anticipating major surgery and felt comforted and validated that this would be a fresh start for me moving forward.  Hearing my loved ones step up and show signs that Drew would have no other way of knowing was exhilarating.  I keep the notes from the soul session near by and pull them out when I need to rec-center and ground myself in my soul’s purpose on this journey.  Drew is “the guy next door” and I felt so comfortable and open to hearing messages through him.  Drew is firmly planted in his authenticity and down to earth nature, which immediately creates an environment of trust and openness.  I am so grateful that Drew followed his heart and calling to this work as it is a gift for all those who meet him.  
- Your True North Counseling & Past Life Regression

Drew brought a peace to my life

November 5, 2015
I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Drew 3 years ago. I attended one of his meditation classes and have not looked back since. Drew brought a peace to my life that had been missing for years. There are not enough words to convey how relieved I feel knowing that so many questions I had, have a source that I can now turn to. It is an education of the soul, that I have been so pleased to share with family and friends. Drew has brought joy to some people I love the most, and for that I will be forever grateful. For anyone who feels lost or despondent and is searching for peace I recommend strongly to get in contact with Drew.  
- Tori, PA

I am "A Life Touched"

August 3, 2015
I am loving getting back to the " real me" I've missed her ! I have been embracing & working on my higher self ... I am learning something new each day & I continue to practice the things that resonate with me ! I attribute this wonderful feeling to the beautiful healing session I had with you & will forever be grateful to you for sharing your gifts with me.  As I said before you may have many fans but I am "A Life Touched " ! ((((Hugs))))
- Sue S., PA

The session was amazing!

July 16, 2015
It was so so great to meet you! The session was amazing! As someone that trusts few, I felt that I could trust you within the first few minutes of our meeting. Your energy is inspiring and your accuracy was incredible. I can't thank you enough! Sending another big thank you {hug} your way. Hope our paths cross again.
- Christina

Drew is the real deal...

July 7, 2015
The word that kept repeating itself in my mind when I met Drew was TRUSTWORTHY - and he is totally that, and a lot more. He is committed to honesty, clarity and practical assistance while radiating optimism and encouragement. His energy is upbeat and hugely welcoming. Drew was really able to see into my heart and soul, and the information he shared with me helped me find healing in ways it hadn't even occurred to me to explore. If you or anyone you know is looking for an intuitive or psychic reading, Drew is the real deal. He's the man! Nina Lockwood
- Nina

Powerful Reiki Session

June 15, 2015
It was a great Reiki session yesterday. I say this every time, but I’ve never had one like it. Really, each one is new and different, but it was the most powerful Reiki session I’ve ever had. You’re amazing.
- Diane B.

Spot on Reading

June 15, 2015
My mother, sister and I recently attended a group reading with Drew. We didn’t know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised to be the first three to make a connection with loved ones. Drew was spot on and spoke of things and events he would have no idea about since he had never met us before! It was an amazing experience that I would do again.
- Jenn Y.

Brought Through My Father

January 7, 2015
I am delighted to say that I have received a few readings from Drew, and each and every time he has been extremely compassionate, loving and accurate. As a human being, Drew is one of the nicest people I have ever met, so full of life and ready to help everyone he can. As a medium, he will blow your mind! He has brought in evidence after evidence of my loved ones down to the smallest detail. Drew is a natural born medium, but along with that I know through our conversations that he never stops learning about his abilities and the responsibilities that go along with that. I will so ever be grateful for the readings that Drew has done for me as it has provided me with closure and a knowing that life is eternal! ~
- Kim, NC

Positive Guidance

October 24, 2014
Drew, you are a truly gifted man. I would gladly recommend you to anyone and everyone in need of some positive guidance. I look forward to our next meeting. You truly are a blessing to humanity. God bless you and thank you again.
- Heidi, NJ

Initial Group Reading Experience

September 5, 2014
I first met Drew at an open reading in Park Ridge in November of 2012. There were about 30 people at the reading. I was immediately taken by his gift and loving energy. I was with a friend and he gave us both a great reading with details that he couldn’t possible know, names, dates, and personal characteristics. It was a very moving experience. I had been to see a few psychics before, but never a medium. I was amazed at his presence and ability to communicate such specific details. I left there telling everyone I knew what an amazing experience I had had, and that this guy was the real deal! We reached out to Drew again a few months later to do a group reading with my family and then again the following year to do a group reading with some friends. Each experience was incredible with details and insight that could only be explained by the depth of Drew’s gift. I wanted to know more, and was able to join one of Drew’s meditation circles in January 2014. I committed myself to the practice of meditation and meeting once a month with our circle became something I looked forward to with such excitement and wonder. The experience has changed my life in such a positive and profound way. Meeting Drew, and getting to know him has been such a gift. Drew is an amazing person, loving, kind and willing to help others explore their own gifts in a safe and positive environment. In the time that I have known Drew I have been able to develop my own gifts of intuition and found a calming energy in the regular practice of meditation.
- CW

Incredible Teacher

September 2, 2014
Not only is Drew Cali a gifted psychic medium, he’s an incredible teacher. I was lucky enough to be a part of Drew’s meditation circle for several months once per week. His guidance has forever changed my life in a most positive way. I would truly recommend Drew for readings, meditations, and psychic workshops. Drew is also an incredible healer & has an amazing gift of bringing the best out of everyone he meets!
- KV

Closure After Traumatic Loss…

February 7, 2014
Many of us wonder about the mysteries we can’t perceive with ur senses, and many of us seek answers or confirmation about whether or not loved ones we have lost are truly gone. Someone I loved deeply was snatched from this life, leaving behind so many questions, and a heavy burden of words and emotions that were never shared. Of course I would have given almost anything to have one more hour to say and hear the things I yearned for, and while I fully believed there were genuine psychics in the world, I was full of doubt about being able to find someone truly gifted enough to help me. Then a friend led me to Drew. Drew Cali was able to connect with the spirit of my lost love, and the experience has changed the way I see my past, present and future forever. I gained closure after a traumatic loss, all through Drew’s gentle and loving mediumship. Drew has been awakened to a powerful and authentic gift within himself, and the generosity with which he shares this gift to help others is humbling. Drew’s manner is warm and friendly. Nothing about the experience was scary and nothing rang false-it was intense and very real. I am so grateful to have discovered Drew Cali, and with my whole heart I would recommend him as a help to anyone who is looking for a spiritual connection that seems just out of reach.

Transformational Experience

November 11, 2013
My first visit with Drew completely opened my mind to the world of spirit, the afterlife and meditation. Drew was able to give me messages from not only my deceased brother, but also my father and my grandmother even mentioning an uncommon phrase that my grandmother used to use. Drew’s consultation did not end there. He then introduced me to the benefits of meditation. The combination of these experiences has truly influenced and changed how I perceive death and the afterlife. I am not only comforted, but also relieved to believe that the energy of my loved ones continues on. I will continue to meditate and develop my mediumistic self because I find it very comforting as well as energizing. I have to give all the credit for my true leap of faith to Drew because without the benefit of his mediumship, I never would have come to know about or believed any of this
- With gratitude, Mary Jo

Drew Is A Talented Teacher And Healer…

November 10, 2013
Meditation, guided imagery and other spiritual healing methods have helped individuals transform and transcend stress and tension. Drew is a talented teacher and healer, who has used his own profound experience to guide others in discovering their own unique abilities that increase awareness, support balance and enhance intuition through the practice of meditation.
- Kathryn Capawana LCSW, LCADC; Health Care Professional and Educator