Read the messages of Healing & Hope

from others who have experienced it.


Your gift to channel our loved ones is inspiring. You presented their personalities so well. Even though I was eager to over validate the information, your ability to keep control of the reading was on point.


I think for the first time in a very long time, you have given my sister hope.”

Mary, New Jersey

My understanding of life is much fuller. I was so impressed with you how genuine and approachable you are.


Yesterday was my first medium experience and I am grateful it was you who introduced me to the other side. Thanks again and keep spreading the light.”

Anthony, New York


"I think we are so lucky to have found you. My reading with you brought me complete peacefulness in losing a loved one. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”​

Patti, New Jersey

“Your reading changed my life. I feel like we gave my husband John a chance to say good bye and to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. 


Thank you! Words cannot express my gratitude. I can finally sleep at night!”​

Blanch, New Jersey

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those messages from my mom today. 


I never used Zoom and had no idea how to raise my hand or how any of that worked with a group event, but something deep within told me I had to be there today. It meant the world to me. "

Vicki, New Jersey

Drew was amazing, patient, and kind. After our session he spoke with me personally about how the session was a validation that my husband was near, and I found it 100% true.


Going through the grieving process is indescribably difficult, but my session with Drew gave me peace. He described my relationship with my husband better than I could and knew details only we shared. It solidified my belief that my husband will always be here, next to me. Thank you Drew.”

I can't thank you enough for such an amazing gift you gave me. I've always believed in spirit, but now that you were able to actually speak with my brother Michael, my father (when you mentioned the handmade wooden chess board) and my mother (coming through more as a friend than a mother figure).


I am truly blessed. You've changed my life. Thank you so much, you're amazing!

Nadine, California

Rebecca, New York

"Thank you for a truly wonderful meditation session. My husband is extremely excited to attend more, which is amazing! He really needs this in his life. He hasn’t had the easiest of lives and told me he got more out of today than when he sees his therapist! Thank you once again!”​

Rachel, New Jersey

“Thank you for the incredible reading.  It was truly an amazing experience. I left with such peace and reassurance that my family members that have passed are truly always with me.


I still can't believe the things that you knew that truly nobody could have ever known. It was such a pleasure to meet you. You were so welcoming and really made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. Your reading really brought joy and reassurance to my entire family.


And lastly, you were right, I am having a healthy baby girl!”​

Allison, New Jersey

"Drew has a power and a connection with the spirit world that is rare. He works with great integrity from the heart and his ability is not only to connect with your loved ones in spirit but to bring healing for body mind and soul for all his soul touches ...  As a fellow medium I respect his work greatly and know that all who experience his presence will benefit greatly."

Clair Merryweather, Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Healer, Rugby, England

A while back we had a reading with you and you mentioned that you were aware my brother had signet ring and went on to say you saw a ring with a red stone in the center.


We were not aware and never knew, saw or heard anything about this ring, but I recently spoke with my sister-in-law since this was her husband you had connected with and asked her about it. YOU WERE RIGHT. You even described the box itself on the dresser. This blew her away as she is very skeptical by trade (she was an assistant DA before retiring), and this ring was NOT common knowledge.


Thank you for sharing your gift with us and validating that Mike's spirit is in fact alive and well and among us.”

Maureen, New Jersey

I am so grateful and unbelievably shocked by the details you were able to get for my mom, my brother and my father. I felt their presence in the room, you got their names, and names of others that died and were with them, my brothers green eyes and their personalities.


The fact that you said my mom sang professionally and could be extremely difficult at times especially after she lost a small restaurant she owned; that my father was in the Merchant Marines and had lost our home when i was a kid due to his addiction to gambling was jaw dropping.


The love and forgiveness and not to mention the powerful insight about our living family... I mean my brother taking his life is so heavy on our family and his kids but you changed our world and gave us peace and comfort where certainly no one else could. I couldn't ever thank you enough. Thank you for being so down to earth and real! I am spreading the word.”

Melanie, New Jersey