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Read the personal stories, testimonials and what people say about their experience with Drew Cali.

Success Stories: Welcome

I would 100% recommend Drew if you are looking for a real medium/psychic, he is truly gifted, caring and compassionate but most importantly Drew is the REAL DEAL! From the moment I stepped into The Cali Center I felt at ease and at home. I brought items with me for my session but Drew did not need them to connect, there was no doubt with the validations from my loved ones. I went for a soul session, the Reiki portion was just as amazing as the connection with my loved ones.


DREW, the advice you gave me I have put into action (full speed ahead) and things are happening very fast. I feel as if I can't ever thank you enough for making me stronger and helping my broken heart heal. INDEBTED FOREVER to you DREW !!!!

I decided to join Drew’s Butterfly Series and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Drew is an amazing teacher who will work with you whether you are a beginner or advanced in your own meditation practice. He teaches in a way that works for everyone and makes sure you have a full understanding of what he is teaching. Drew, thank you for sharing this welcoming space of guidance and practice. I’m eternally grateful for this experience and look forward to taking more classes in the future. If you are looking to deepen your intuition or receive a reading with no BS, this is your sign.

- Amanda D'Ercole

- Wendy Sargalis

Success Stories: Testimonials
Success Stories: Testimonials

Drew Cali is the real deal. He is authentic, energetic, funny, and relatable while also being a ‘no BS’ kind of guy. I recently joined some of his classes. He creates an environment that encourages students to dive in and not be afraid to try something new or to get it wrong. I have also attended a group reading where Drew provided very specific details about my loved ones that were not publicly available. If you are reading this, don’t wait to join the class or make the appointment - Dive in!

I attended a group reading with Drew and it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences ever! I have attended other group readings before but I gained so much more from Drew's! I've learned so much from hearing from other's loved ones as well as my own. I've especially learned so much from Drew himself as he explained things throughout the entire event! I have recommended to my friends that Drew is the one to go to when looking for a medium! What I learned and heard from Drew certainly changed the way I approach my days!

- Maryanne Jonas

- Anne Miller

Its great that you are offering Soul Sessions again! I would drive to NJ for that even-though I’m in Saratoga Springs! Our Private Group Reading with Drew in 2017 was so SPOT ON for each and every one of us and we were a group of 4 - Would love to see him again - hoping he will be back here soon !

- Diane C., NY​

I had a reading with Drew and there were many precise details. He connected with my Grandmother, who died 8 years ago, and even knew the nickname she called me and my wedding date! WOW...

- Mandy M., PA​

My understanding of life is much fuller.  I was so impressed with you how genuine and approachable you are.  Yesterday was my first medium experience and I am grateful it was you who introduced me to the other side. Thanks again and keep spreading the light.

- Anthony, N.Y.

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