Drew's Mission

His overall mission is to bring forth the teachings of a universal spirituality accessible to all; for the growth, healing, and exploration of our highest potential.


Meet Drew Cali

Born a natural Medium & Psychic, Drew Cali was no longer able to ignore his gifts after a series of traumatic losses and life altering events that would forever change his life. Even though he was acutely aware of his natural psychic - intuitive and mediumistic abilities, he certainly had no idea to what extent these abilities would take such precedence.

About Me - Drew Cali

Drew’s devotion to the development, education and “hands-on” training includes several years attending the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for Mediumship & Psychic Sciences in the UK, as well as having provided thousands of sessions as a Psychic Guide, Evidential Medium and Certified Reiki Master - Teacher. 

 Since the beginning of his "Spiritual Awakening" Drew has been guided to share his gifts with others in a down-to-earth and relatable manner.

As founder of The Cali Center for Healing, Education & Intuitive Arts in Ramsey, NJ and online, Drew has created a safe sacred space for others as they experience their own unique spiritual awakening.

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Healing, Education & Intuitive Arts

About Me - Drew Cali