About Drew Cali

Dedicated to the Intuitive Arts. Here's why.

Drew Cali

Drew spent years devoted to his development, understanding and education and has provided thousands of readings and sessions as a Psychic Guide, Intuitive, Evidential Medium, Reiki Master, Teacher and Meditative Facilitator, allowing him to assist others in a variety of ways.

You will find his incredible talents and accuracy perfectly infused with a big heart, warm and humorous personality with his direct down-to-earth approach refreshing, creating a comfortable space for your personalized experience.

Drew's Story

 Although born a natural Medium, Drew largely ignored the presence of these gifts throughout what would be considered "normal" life.  That is, until a series of traumatic losses and life-altering events brought forth a latent enhanced spiritual awareness that he was simply no longer able to ignore.


Once these untapped resources within were unleashed, they would reshape his life's purpose. Through his journey into the unknown it became unexpectedly clear to him that his life would be forever changed. 

Drew became relentless with his thirst for spiritual understanding. In addition to attending the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship and Psychic Sciences in England, he spent years traveling, working, training and developing around the world, learning from the best of the best psychic-medium mentors.  

Drew's Mission

Drew's mission is to bring forward the teachings of a universal spirituality accessible to all. Drawing from a broad range of both ancient and modern day principles, the essence of Drew's work is to promote growth, healing and exploration of our highest potentials and to deepen the connection with our truth.  


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