About Drew Cali

My life is now dedicated to the Intuitive Arts. Here's why.


My Story

I believe I was born a natural Medium, Intuitive & Psychic Channel, but I largely ignored the presence of these gifts throughout what I would consider to be my "normal" life. That is, until a series of traumatic losses and life-altering events brought forth a latent enhanced spiritual awareness that I was simply no longer able to ignore.

From that point forward, I became relentless with my thirst for spiritual understanding. I attended the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship and Psychic Sciences in England where I went on to spend years working and developing around the world, learning from the best of the best of psychic-medium mentors, colleagues and the spirit world, as well as from the people for whom I lovingly serve.

My Mission

My mission became to bring forward the teachings of a universal spirituality. I draw from a broad range of principles from around the world from which we can collectively grow, heal and explore our highest potential together.

As founder of The Cali Center for Healing, Education & Intuitive Arts in Ramsey, NJ, it is my intention to provide a safe sacred space for others as they experience their own unique journey. There I mentor those who have developed a sensitivity to energy and who seek to further unlock their Intuition. 

The Importance of Meditation

As an introduction to this universal spirituality, I offer a free Guided Meditation program that enables you to unlock your spirituality by placing you in a state of deep calm. This program is completely free and is my gift to you.

I have seen time and time again that one's intuition often first presents itself in meditation. That was my own experience when I first discovered my talents, and I have seen countless others have the same journey as well. I cannot underscore the importance of being in a state of complete calm, and the power that meditation has to unlock your natural Intuitive Self.  


How This Works

Many people come to me with "psychic only" or "mediumship only" requests, but the reality is that I cannot separate the two. In fact, it's much more than two. I bring together a broad range of disciplines which include both my psychic and mediumistic gifts, as well as energy healing and channeling. 

It is in the blending of these disciplines that I am able to truly unlock the gateway and allow for a unique experience. If you are looking to connect with lost loved ones, or you are seeking psychic clarity and insight, then start with the Focus Session.


Develop with Others
For those more familiar in the Intuitive Arts, I encourage you to join one of our Virtual Classes, Courses & Meditations as well as Workshops & Live Events that provide a wide range of subjects including Psychic-Channeling, Energy Healing and Mediumship that you can learn alongside other peers. We offer introductory courses, as well as mastery courses, depending on your needs.

As you develop on your journey you can gain access to Short and Long Term Private Mentorship Programs and a variety of Psychic Workshops, Mediumship Courses, Energy Healing and Reiki Classes as part of The Cali Center curriculum. 

Family and Group Sessions are Available

For families seeking guidance, or a small group with a common goal in mind, I offer different packages that you can find here. As a reminder, only the Focus Sessions are 1-on-1 with Drew, but Family Sessions and Group Sessions are available for more than one attendee.

For Business Consultations, Intimate & Large Group Gallery Readings, Fundraisers, Workshops and Retreats please fill out the form below:


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