Cancellation Policy


Disclaimer: Any information presented in a session is not meant to replace any psychological, legal, medical, or other professional advice or services. The guidance and insights provided by Drew Cali/Drew Cali, LLC are intended to assist clients to make better life choices, however, clients are always free to do as they wish and have the power of free will, regardless of the interpretation of the information. Drew Cali/Drew Cali, LLC shall not be held liable for any action or inaction taken by the client in reference to the information presented during a session or event.

All sessions and events are for adults 18 years or older.

Note: attendance does not guarantee a reading or message at Drew Cali, LLC’s groups or events.


Payment, Cancellation, and Refund Policy: All private individual and private group sessions must be paid for in advance are on a first come, first served basis. Upon receipt of payment your appointment / registration will be entered into the session, event, class or appointment schedule. Payments and deposits for all sessions, events, classes and workshops are final and non-refundable. In the event Drew Cali's office must cancel due to illness, unforeseen circumstances, pandemic restrictions, or general scheduling changes that may arise, this does not constitute a refund. Should any of the aforementioned occur, you will be offered expedited alternative date(s) or same date and time but via Zoom instead of "in-person" and/or recordings of classes, meditations or events.