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Soul Session 

Blend the Best of Everything with a 2-in-1 Reading & Energy Healing (Reiki) with Drew Cali, Psychic Medium & Reiki Master. 

90 Minutes | $450 | In-Person Only

Soul Session


Drew Cali offers an in-depth experience with this 90 Min. personalized signature styled session which blends the Best of Everything! 

Includes variations of Psychic Guidance, Mediumistic / Spirit Connections, Intuitive Energy Reading &  Spiritual Counseling. 

Accurate Psychic Insight & Intuitive Guidance  

Drew Cali focuses on your "energy field", answering questions and providing incredibly accurate guidance, insight, direction and clarity with ongoing situations in your life.


Authentic Spirit Contact

Get confirmation that your loved ones are alive and well in the world of Spirit with validating evidence and messages of love, hope and understanding. 

Integrity Infused With Honor

Drew's warm &  humorous personality with his honest down-to earth approach, creates safe & comfy  space for your spiritually driven & personalized experience. 

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Soul Session



As both a Psychic & Medium, as well as a Certified Reiki Master - Teacher, Drew not only connects with your loved ones on the "other side" and focuses on your "energy field" providing incredibly accurate psychic guidance, insight, direction and clarity...

Drew also becomes the bridge...

 between this world and the next creating a "sacred space" to allow, invite and invoke the highest form of healing, balance, and alignment available.

The Reiki or Energy Healing portion occurs on a healing table, similar to a massage table, where you remain fully clothed and covered by a blanket with soothing music in the background. 


​Drew spent years devoted to the development, understanding and education of the Art of Healing and has provided thousands of sessions as a Psychic Guide, Intuitive, Evidential Medium, Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher allowing him to take an individualized approach with each session. 


Why Drew?


Drew will give you the intuitive guidance you need to embrace your higher needs and self.


Drew Cali is a well-known Psychic Medium who can help you personally or professionally.


Drew personalizes each session to maximize healing, honor your truth and help raise your vibration. 


Drew's experience and knowledge will allow you to expand higher aspects of yourself.


Drew is a world class guide and is devoted to the intuitive arts, meditation and energy healing.


Drew will give you proven exercises  and methods on how to unlock your natural intuition. 


Read the messages of Healing & Hope from others who have experienced it.

My three closest friends and I had an amazing session with Drew. Each one of us were able to connect with someone. One friend in particular connected with her mother, who had past 15 years ago, as soon as the session started. The details and information Drew was able to provide was unbelievable! I will definitely be booking another session with Drew in the future.

Kate K

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