What is the concept of transcendence?

Transcendence is the act of rising above something to a superior state.

It comes from Latin roots meaning "beyond," and "to climb."

When you achieve transcendence, you have gone beyond ordinary limitations.


With everything that is going on in the world from the restrictions and complications from this Covid-19 Pandemic, the insanity of stories or narratives instead of facts with Social Media's influence, 24 Hr News with more agendas and spreading fear than actual news...

Politicians on all sides focused seemingly solely on elections and sound bites, the outcry for accountability within the Law Enforcement community due to the horrifying death or murder of George Floyd and the new momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement which statistically now has more influence and support than the Democratic or Republican parties...

Oh yeah, lets not forget about the difficulties around small businesses, unemployment, increased debt along with trying to plan a summer vacation with increasing corona virus cases again - and "drive by" graduations, schools uncertain to be open in the fall...

- what the hell ?

How are we supposed to plan ahead ?

How do we just stay in a positive mind frame?

How do we balance our emotions day-to-day?

No one, and nothing, outside of you has the solution.

These heavy and confusing times have everyone looking in all the wrong directions for answers.

Are you living into solutions or participating and regurgitating problems?

Ever hear of a "Higher Self"?

Are your thoughts, patterns, beliefs and behaviors in sync with who you really ar or aspire to be?

Think its too late or hard for you?

It's NOT.

The reality is that long-term successful and sustainable solutions for accessing contentment, fulfillment, and unlocking the universal love that is already yours only requires a sharp, thorough and purposeful conscious shift.

However, this cannot be intellectualized.

Transformation is an experiential process that requires the relinquishing of the old, non-effective, ways and self imposed limitations.

Never meditated before?

No Problem.

Have tons of experience?

No Problem.

-All Interested Are Welcome-




Coming back to center...

to that love, truth, inspiration and the rejuvenation and re-alignment of the Chakras solidifying the balance and equality of Mind, Body & Spirit is imperative at this time in our lives.

I am offering a 5 Week Special Expansive Meditative Exploration

My Spirit Team aka :Guides", spoken for by "Caleb", have brought forth this 5 week step-by-step meditation series designed specifically to help others re-discover their truth, claim their power, to enhance, focus and expand their conscious awareness of energy output and to raise the frequency within their energy signature.

Join me and an amazing group of like minded souls looking to heal, transform and, ultimately, spiritually transcend into a new conscious freedom with this channeled series of guided meditations unleashing all that is sacred within you.

Sacred Fire Series | Healing Meditations

5 Consecutive Thursdays @ 7:30

Starts July 9

This expansion series is designed to:

Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

Amplify Your Intuitive Awareness

Release Negative / Blocked Energy

Understand Meditation Like Never Before

The "5 Concepts" are as follows:

The Beginning

The Awakening

The Opportunity

The Release

The Alignment

Each week is an inspired and channeled voice guided Healing Meditation which is followed by discussion, processing and Q&A.

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