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Drew Cali – The Psychic Medium

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

My story as a psychic medium picks up right where it left off in Part 1 of this series, Drew Cali – The Beginning. In the days after my life changing meditative experience, every time I put my hands under water, I would hear a voice saying, “This is Jonathan. You’ve gotta call Jason.” At first, I resisted, but the voice was persistent so eventually I made the call.

Jason was a friend of a friend and I was a little embarrassed to reach out to him, but I felt I needed to follow this through. The psychic who had kicked this whole thing off had also told me that I would one day be a psychic medium. At the time, I laughed but now I wondered.

Sure enough, Jason did know a Jonathan. The more I talked to Jason, the more details about Jonathan started coming into and through his consciousness. It wasn’t like I expected though. Jonathan wasn’t standing next to me, talking to me and telling me things, like you see happen in the popular movie, Ghost. Instead, I felt a deep connection to Jonathan’s energy. I understood him from both a first person and third person perspective. Visions, thoughts, feelings, and intuitions came through me, not from me.

Later, Jason’s family invited me over. They wanted to talk with me and see if I could pick Jonathan out of family pictures. I was scared to do it, but I said yes. That night with Jason’s family was my first true reading. I can describe the experience as kind of like doing energy charades under water. I was new to it all and hadn’t yet developed my gifts, but even that night some things came through perfectly. And, yes, I was able to pick out Jonathan’s picture. It was his eyes that I recognized, the windows to the soul.

Over the next couple of months, I experimented with my gift on my own but eventually I sought out more formal education and training. I found my home at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Sciences and Mediumship in England. What I loved most about my training there was its focus on experiential learning. I found that the more I experienced the energy, as opposed to just reading about it, the more I understood it. Another important component to my training was that I was one of many gifted students. This kept me humble and focused on honing my craft rather than showing off my gift.

Arthur Findlay College wasn’t your typical college with semesters where you leave with a certificate or degree. It became however, my home away from home for evidence based metaphysical learning. This began my journey into spirituality with a new and fresh perspective on the legitimate and practical applicability of my psychic and mediumistic abilities. It also enabled me to travel the world, studying and practicing my trade with a vast array of people during my time at the college. Those years spent abroad laid the foundation for my work as a Psychic & Medium in a way that I am eternally grateful for.

Many people wonder what it’s like for me when I give a reading to which I respond, “It’s all about energy.” There is an energy between me and the person I am reading for, an energy between me and the spirits/souls communicating through me, and an energy shared amongst us all. When I am a reading, my mind at first goes completely blank, becoming an empty vessel for whatever is to come. Then I feel my heart skips a beat and I experience a quick hot flash before everything gets really still. It can feel like a long time, but in reality, it’s only a minute or two before the connection occurs and everything starts flowing through me.

I often say that what occurs in a reading feels like it happens in spite of me, not because of me. It’s an energy that comes through me, not from me. This energy knowing comes to me in a variety of ways – seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. Sometimes it’s a thought or question that just comes into my brain like, “Did this person’s Dad just pass?” Other times, I’ll feel the presence of a man and I’ll know that he’s older and related to the person. Sometimes I have a vision or hears a voice, and other times it’s like I just all of a sudden know something I didn’t know before. Everything depends upon the conditions, the timing and the energy involved.

In the beginning of every reading, as these first energy connections are happening, I tend to connect with multiple spirits for the recipient, and prompts responses and validations to see if I am on the right track and to understand better what I am seeing, feeling, hearing, and understanding from the spirit I am connecting with. For instance, I may feel a presence and know I have a father to the person I am reading for, but sometimes a grandfather or close uncle or father in law may “feel” just like a father, depending on the relationship they had. I must validate whether or not I am on the right track. During one reading, for instance, I kept getting a vision of a mini baseball bat floating in a garage and just could not figure out what it meant. Finally, I asked, “What’s with the bat in the garage?” Turns out, the person had killed a bat in his garage that morning!

For a reading to go well, the person I am reading have to be energetically open. A good reading touches the needs of the recipient, not necessarily the wants. If a person is too attached to a certain outcome, an energetic fence goes up that can block the experience. Sometimes I am able to be a “spirit DJ” and request who connects with me, but this does not happen in every reading. There are times when what the recipient wants is also what he/she needs, and the person they are hoping to connect with is the person that comes. But other times, it’s not at all what anyone expects. A person’s neighbor’s son will connect, or a sister’s husband’s father will, because they have a message they need to send to their loved one.

I have never lost his passion for my work. Every experience is different and there is magic in the unexpected. I have to be willing and vulnerable enough every time to get things wrong, which can be scary if I let it be. For me, it’s exhilarating. At the same time, I believe strongly in my ethical responsibility for what I relay during a reading. I do not say everything that comes into my head, only those that feel strong and rooted in truth. To me, psychic mediums are guideposts that have the power to truly help people on their journey through life. I am both honored and humbled by the role I play in people’s healing and transformations.

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