Reiki - Level I & II Weekend Training (Ramsey, N.J.)

January 19, 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Certified Reiki Master & Spiritual Medium, Drew Cali is hosting a weekend of Reiki Levels I & II Certification Training at his private office in Ramsey, NJ. This course may be booked for Level I only or Level II only or you may receive full certification for Level I & II together. 
Drew takes a two-fold approach to establishing the fundamental keys of energy work: The traditional position based and hands-on practice version blended with the devotion and understanding of the power of allowing your intuition to lead the way through various exercises and meditations that strengthen your spiritual connection.
Level I - Saturday, 1/19 (9a-5p)
Intro To Reiki Healing Energy.
History, Theory, Basic Understanding & Application.
Meditative & Energetic Initiations.
Preparing For Level II...
Level II - Sunday, 1/20 (9a-5p)
Receive Certificate as "Reiki Practitioner".
Learn & Integrate Reiki Healing Symbols.
Hands-On Healing.
Full Practice Sessions w/Partners.
Hand Positioning & Table Work.
Distance/Remote Healing.
Prep. & Clear Space. Self Treatment.
It is recommended to take both in one weekend to maximize the flow, understanding and energy of the training.
MY PROMISE TO YOU: You won't come away from this weekend with "just" a certificate to hang on the wall. You will better understand how to use and integrate ancient healing symbols, the power of "intentions", and how to tune in with your intuitive senses to the recipient's energy. You will receive what is known as a Reiki Attunement or Energy Initiation. Whether you choose to become a professional practitioner or wish to use these teachings for yourself and family is up to you.
Please note that class size is limited to maximize personal attention.
No prior experience required. All interested are welcome to attend.
To inquire or register click here 
Drew Cali's Office
400 Lake Street, Suite # E, Ramsey, NJ 07446


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