In-Person | Soul Session

2 Hours | $495

Receive the Best of Everything!


As a Psychic-Medium, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher & Spiritual Channel, Drew provides this 2 hour unique and personalized experience to touch the Soul's highest needs. 1 hour is devoted to "hands-on" Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Energetic Alignment and "Channeled" Messages from Drew's Spirit Guides, with a second hour dedicated to Psychic Guidance, Mediumship - Spirit Connections, and a Life or Soul Reading. *Highly Recommended

The Energy Healing & Channeled Messages portion occurs on a healing table, similar to a massage table, where you remain fully clothed and covered by a blanket with soothing music in the background. Drew will voice-guide you into a gentle meditative state. Caleb, Drew's main Spirit Guide, often speaks "through" Drew, to provide validations, raise awareness and deliver messages from beyond. 

Drew has spent years traveling around the world as a student devoted to the healing and intuitive arts. He sets his intention to become a clear channel while allowing the flow of the highest vibrational frequency of healing energy available.


Healing may occur on various levels emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually or energetically. While in this meditative healing state, you may receive visits from loved ones in Spirit, release energetic blocks, and/or unlock your intuition allowing a more balanced heart-mind-body,

The Soul Reading & Psychic-Medium segment is where Drew attunes with the world of Spirit as well as with your Soul's needs is focused on where you have been, where you are at and what to do now, in order to adjust the trajectory to your highest potential future. 


Here are a few aspects commonly covered:

Connecting with lost loved ones, psychic guidance and intuitive insight/counseling with ongoing situations, relationships and questions, assistance with expanding awareness, spiritual awakenings, meditations, tuning into higher frequencies and opening up the natural empathic-intuitive abilities - conglomerate of all of the above.

Drew spent years devoted to the development, understanding and education as well as provided thousands of sessions as a Psychic Guide, Intuitive, Evidential Medium, Trance Healer, Reiki Master-Teacher, Spiritual Channel and Meditative Facilitator, allowing him to assist others in a variety of ways.


You will find his incredible talents and accuracy perfectly infused with a big heart, warm and humorous personality with his direct and down-to earth approach refreshing, creating a comfortable space for your spiritual session and personalized experience. 

Looking for regular Energy Healing & Alignment Sessions?
There are various "follow-up" packages with Drew at lower rates and range from 60-75 minutes. To access discount packages a Soul Session is required. To Access The Cali Center which also has other Healing Practitioners, all trained by Drew Cali, Click Here. 

Held in-person at The Cali Center in New Jersey





RAMSEY, NJ 07446

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are limiting the number of patrons inside The Cali Center. As a result any scheduled In-Person Readings should be considered tentative and are subject to change. We are adhering to all local Covid-19 health and safety protocols, and we ask that you do too.

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