About Drew

Born a natural Medium,

Drew Cali was no longer able to ignore his gifts after a series of traumatic losses and life altering events that would forever change his life. Even though he was acutely aware of his natural intuitive and mediumistic abilities, he certainly had no idea to what extent these abilities would take such precedence.

Finally realizing his true calling

was to live a spiritually centered life, he stepped away from his fast-paced “normal” endeavors with a new sense of vibrancy, focus and passion. Being relentless with his thirst for spiritual understanding and knowledge along with his desire to utilize these gifts to serve others he rediscovered his life’s path. Drew attended the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship and Intuitive Sciences in England and continues to work with and learn from mentors, colleagues and the spirit world as well as from the people which he lovingly serves.

Drew recognizes that honor, integrity, and authenticity are a must. He offers Private Readings, Private Group Sessions, Workshops, and his "signature styled" Guided Meditations.

Drew has a power and a connection with the spirit world that is rare. He works with great integrity from the heart and his ability is not only to connect with your loved ones in spirit but to bring healing for body mind and soul for all his soul touches ...  As a fellow medium I respect his work greatly and know that all who experience his pr...(read more)
Drew - Thank you for the incredible reading.  It was truly an amazing experience. I left with such peace and reassurance that my family members that have passed are truly always with me.  I still can't believe the things that you knew that truly nobody could have ever known.  It was such a pleasure to meet you. You were so welcoming and rea...(read more)
Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. To connect with my daughter was such a blessing. Your compassion as well as your sense of humor helped put me at ease. While I don’t think my grief will ever totally be gone, I take comfort that she is in good hands and the bond of love cannot be broken....(read more)
A big thank you to Drew! I have major things going on in my life and certain things he said are not known by anyone. Please tell him thank you and God Bless. Also, my husband was amazed! I will set-up a reading again as soon as I can. Thank you, again....(read more)
Hi! Thank you for a truly wonderful meditation session this morning my husband and I got so much out of this! My husband is extremely excited to attend more (which is amazing!) he really needs this in his life. He hasn’t had the easiest of lives and told me he got more out of today than when he sees his therapist! Thank you once again!...(read more)
I first went to Drew several months ago for a blended session. I was feeling energetically stuck and blocked and I wasn't sure why or how to get passed it. The session left me feeling much lighter and more clear. I ended up going back to Drew for a few additional reiki healing sessions as I felt there were still things I could use assistance w...(read more)
I was recently at your event at Bin 41 & it was amazing. You connected with my Mother in law & Grandmother. Also reminded me I have a gift & need to use it!!...(read more)
I recently, attended my 1st Guided Meditation. It was very enjoyable. I got a kick out of Drew and his down to earth approach. Will definitely attend other events with Drew and Allison. Thanks!...(read more)
Drew was amazing, patient, and kind. After our session he spoke with me personally about how the session was a validation that my husband was near, and I found it 100% true. Going through the grieving process is indescribably difficult, but my session with Drew gave me peace. He described my relationship with my husband better than I could and...(read more)
I had a reiki session and reading with Drew.  The reading lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders thanks to the connection made.  I feel so much more able to move forward doing what I knew I had to do to be at peace.  I will be back for sure!...(read more)
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