Born a natural Medium,

Drew Cali was no longer able to ignore his gifts after a series of traumatic losses and life altering events that would forever change his life. Even though he was acutely aware of his natural intuitive and mediumistic abilities, he certainly had no idea to what extent these abilities would take such precedence.

Finally realizing his true calling

was to live a spiritually centered life, he stepped away from his fast-paced “normal” endeavors with a new sense of vibrancy, focus and passion. Being relentless with his thirst for spiritual understanding and knowledge along with his desire to utilize these gifts to serve others he rediscovered his life’s path. Drew attended the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship and Intuitive Sciences in England and continues to work with and learn from mentors, colleagues and the spirit world as well as from the people which he lovingly serves.

Drew recognizes that honor, integrity, and authenticity are a must. He offers Private Readings, Private Groups, Reiki-Healing Sessions, Classes & Workshops, and his "signature styled" Guided Meditations.

Meeting with Drew Cali has been a blessing. My best friend Sara had past away from a drug overdose. Her coming thru has brought people overwhelmed with this addiction closer to their Higher Power in belief there is one. For this I am eternally grateful.  ...(read more)
Thank you so much for the session, I am so thankful for the information that I received. I also want to thank you for helping me see that my gifts need to grow. I have always known the feelings I get mean something and am so excited to learn more about them.  I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason and learning how to use...(read more)
The February 2nd workshop was my first time witnessing a medium live and in person. It was amazing and the first connection you had with the woman whose boyfriend had committed suicide twenty years ago had me crying for her. You are blessed to have such an amazing gift. Thank you for an eye-opening day....(read more)
Its great that you are offering Blended Sessions at a discount! I would drive to NJ for that even-though I’m in Saratoga Springs! Our Private Group Reading with Drew in 2017 was so SPOT ON for each and every one of us and we were a group of 4 - Would love to see him again - hoping he will be back here soon ? ...(read more)
A while back we had a reading with you and you mentioned that you were aware my brother had signet ring and went on to say you saw a ring with a red stone in the center.  We were not aware and never knew, saw or heard anything about this ring, but I recently spoke with my sister-in-law since this was her husband you had connected with and ask...(read more)
I can't thank you enough for such an amazing gift you gave me. I've always believed in spirit, but now that you were able to actually speak with my brother Michael, my father (when you mentioned the handmade wooden chess board) and my mother (coming through more as a friend than a mother figure) - I am truly blessed. You've changed my life. Th...(read more)
Hard to put into words the incredible healing, truth and guidance I received from Drew’s reading and subsequent healing session. I came to Drew lost and stuck in a pain from the loss of loved ones, that I just couldn’t shake. Not sure how he cracked the code (of a buried heart and soul) but he did. He unlocked something inside that I was c...(read more)
I have had many readings and you had said things that no one could possible know! When I left you I drove home in silence and felt like a weight was lifted!  ...(read more)
The only way I can describe what you do for people is that it’s literally like someone handed you a gift that no one could give you. Thank you for doing what you are meant to do! ...(read more)
Drew has a power and a connection with the spirit world that is rare. He works with great integrity from the heart and his ability is not only to connect with your loved ones in spirit but to bring healing for body mind and soul for all his soul touches ...  As a fellow medium I respect his work greatly and know that all who experience his pr...(read more)
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