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How a Medium Works

What is a Psychic-Intuitive?

Reiki & Energy Healing


This healing opportunity and transformative process you are drawn to at this time in your life, is very real whether it be through energy work or Reiki, mediumship, past life regression, the psychic-intuitive aspects, personalized healing meditations, or a mix of several facets mentioned.

What is shared here, now, with you, is Drew's direct experience and understanding based on long-term development, trial and error, and thousands of sessions.

The following is a little about Drew followed by a straight forward, down to earth, and honest take on what it really means to be a Medium, a Psychic-Intuitive, and an Energy Healer (Reiki Master).

How a Medium Works


When Drew first began to have this Spiritual Awakening through his very first attempt at meditation, he came to the conclusion that there was, with no doubt, a Spirit World and that this other world was accessible through a different part of his mind's consciousness.

As he began to develop, he also came to understand that these abilities were only considered "gifts" if he was able to share them with others through the format known as Mediumship.

Mediumship consists of communicating with spirits, most often with those loved ones who have passed on to the next world and wish to connect through the medium's psychic senses - which include: clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (sensing/feeling) and clairaudience (hearing). In some instances, there may be communications with Spirit Guides.

Some examples of “evidence”, include:

physical descriptions, characteristics of personality, names, nicknames, important cities, vacation areas, memories, dates of birth, death or anniversaries, how they passed, what they did for work, hobbies, current info about children or family members to let you know they are still connected to your lives, and the like. One spirit may show a visual or symbol, others may use a smell or taste, another may make a medium feel more through emotions, and some may be able to be heard or be able to utilize all.

Its purpose typically is to provide evidence or validation that life after life does, in fact, exist.

Mediumship Sessions Available:

Spirit Session (1 person, in-person or by video/phone)

Spirit Session (2-3-people, in-person only)

Private Mediumship Sessions (4 or more people, in-person only)

What is a Psychic-Intuitive?



Originally, Drew was convinced he was simply a Medium - no more no less and was only able to connect with the deceased loved ones in Spirit and if any Psychic or Intuitive information was received and given, it was by them, through him, not directly from him.

Cringing at the word Psychic but being semi-comfortable with the alternative word "Intuitive", quickly it became clear that his intuition and ability to "tune into" the living person's energy and ongoing situations is incredibly strong and extremely helpful in providing direction, guidance, clarity, and insight.

To be clear, it is Drew's belief and approach that his Psychic and Intuitive abilities are not to give people lottery numbers, to find out when their severely ill grandmother is going to die, to see if their boyfriend is cheating on them or to provide shortcuts so you can skip over life's lessons. He is not a "fortuneteller."

Drew's approach is direct and honest in order to provide you with effective strategies and helpful insight. Although he may refer to future potentials, pathways and possibilities, his intuitive based sessions are to provide you with clear cut guidance and direction in the here and now so as to give you the best available tools and options with which to move forward. Are you ready and willing to hear the truth?

Intuitive Sessions Available:

Intuitive Coaching Session (1 person, by video/phone)

Reiki & Energy Healing


Early on, during a reading, Drew unexpectedly saw waves of colorful energy hovering around a client's shoulders and head... His hands became extremely hot and pulsated like a heart beat. Applying his hands to the areas he was drawn to gave way to an incredible reaction and he found the results to be an amazing tool for healing and transformation.

Healing Energy and re-aligning the Aura, along with adjusting energy flow and releasing blocks continues to be one of the most beneficial and underestimated aspects of his work.

Drew has personally witnessed the following results:

positive changes in personality; lessened pain or discomfort, as well as complete pain relief; clients come off of long term medications after they were told would be required for the duration of their lifetime; people recover from hopeless disease, illness and disorder; adults and children do better at work or in school, have better focus, less anxiety and become more self-accepting; better sleep patterns; better food choices; general overall well-being or happiness; increased self-confidence and self-esteem; erratic behaviors and depression lessen or even disappear… these are just a few.

Reiki / Energy Healing Sessions Available:

Reiki / Energy Healing (1 person, in-person or distance)