About Drew

Born a natural Medium,

Drew Cali was no longer able to ignore his gifts after a series of life altering events in his early thirties. Even though he was acutely aware of his natural intuitive abilities, he certainly had no idea to what extent these gifts would take such precedence and forever change his life.

Finally realizing his true calling

was to live a spiritually centered life, he stepped away from his fast-paced “normal” endeavors with a new sense of vibrancy, focus and passion. Being relentless with his thirst for spiritual understanding and knowledge along with his desire to utilize these gifts to serve others he rediscovered his life’s path. Drew attended the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship and Intuitive Sciences in England and continues to work with and learn from mentors, colleagues and the spirit world as well as from the people which he lovingly serves.

Drew recognizes that honor, integrity and authenticity are a must

…and offers Private Individual Sessions, Private Group Sessions, Workshops, Guided Meditations and Reiki / Intuitive Healing Sessions.

I wanted to send Drew a thank you for that impromptu medium reading! I felt Very lucky that day and really wanted to let Drew know how much I appreciated the messages he was willing to share with me ~ can’t even put into words the blessing it is every time.  And yes ~ I did afterwards remember who Earl was and yes he had died young ~ 50’...(read more)
I came to see you early June with 3 friends- and it was truly amazing - the spot on messages I received - you are so very gifted....(read more)
This was my first medium experience in person... I was kinda blown away. It was awesome to witness. Emotional. Very affirming. I also appreciated the meditation at the beginning and the closing as well. It felt like it "contained" the evening. Thank you. So happy you are so close!...(read more)
Drew's Reiki I and II training far exceeded my expectations.  The training was well organized and the weekend flowed well.  The content was the appropriate mix of practical and historical knowledge balanced with hands on, experiential activities. Drew's presence as a  healer is strong.  That combined with an easy style and a sense of humor...(read more)
THANK YOU for your group reading at my house on 7/14.   You were amazing and everyone there agreed!  The detail, the emotion, the humor that you bring to a room is wonderful.  The ladies you spent a lot of time on were amazed at how much you channeled for them.  Cathy (her mom and dad came through) was so happy and relieved.  She woke up ...(read more)
I just want to thank you for a wonderful afternoon/evening. You had a strong mix in the room of skeptics and "believers." After you left the evening became one of a lot of wonderful conversation, tears, laughter and truly deep gratitude. After we dispersed I received texts and phone calls into the night and again in the morning. Two of my frie...(read more)
I was at the private group session last night and I just want to thank you. It was so wonderful to hear from my mom, dad and grandma! I know they are with me always, but having you confirm that fact meant the world to me. Thank you again!...(read more)
Thank you!! We all had a very good session with Drew. He was able to fill my heart with peace. Love him!!😊...(read more)
I was part of the group of ladies you were with tonight... you immediately connected with my grandmother, then grandfather, (the ones buried under the apple trees). As I've had a little bit of time to reflect, I just see more and more of the things were were saying "clicking" and I'm seeing more connections than I did in the moment. I just wan...(read more)
Just simply wanted to reach out and thank you for the reading I received today. It was a blessing. I was the young woman with my boyfriend. You channeled my cousin who passed in a freak car accident and you hit the nail right on the head with just about everything. You got the names all right. You also channeled Catherine, our grandma and I re...(read more)
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